The PARQ vs. Health Commitment Statement

19 Sep

We decided to make another change to the way that we do things at CrossFit London; this one a little more subtle and less disruptive (hopefully) than schedule changes!

We have, for many years, relied on the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) as means of gathering client information on pre-existing injuries/medical conditions. Most (some?!) of you probably remember it as the piece of paper that you completed on the occasion of your first visit with us, and have never seen since!

The PARQ was born into a time when the operator (us) was viewed as primarily responsible for the personal health of their clients. The rationale behind the PARQ was to give the operator all the information necessary to ‘protect’ the client: in some cases from themselves!

Political and societal shifts in the last 15 years have rightly seen this responsibility shift back towards the client i.e. your health is your responsibility. We think these sentiments are particularly consistent with the ethos behind CrossFit.

Our new Health Commitment Statement (HCS) aims to reflect this new era of personal responsibility for health. It is, in short, a psychological contract between CrossFit London and our clients that is based on personal responsibility, disclosure and common sense.

You can (and probably should) read a copy of the statement when you next visit the gym (it is stuck to the filing cabinet doors). New clients will see a copy when they sign up for a new account using our online booking system.

There is more information on the background of the HCS on this page of the website.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the HCS. Feel free to let loose in the comments!

Steven and Andrew

Note: We are sorry, but we are not permitted to put a copy of the HCS for unrestricted public access on the Internet due to copyright restrictions.  Aside from the copy in the gym, you can view the HCS if you start the the new account sign-up process on our booking system…

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