WOD 1 Sept: Crossfit Total

01 Sep

The famous crossfit total visited tonight: Read all about it by checking the original Crossfit journal article.

But its max back squat, deadlift and press.

Three packed classes smashed their way through so many PB’s that I lost count.

Would be nice if you could post some figures in comments. Some great participant led coaching .

and welcome back helen

15 thoughts on “WOD 1 Sept: Crossfit Total

  1. Deadlift 95kg, press 31kg, back squat 85kg. Total 211kg.

    Thanks Andrew and Phil for the huge encouragement to get 2 out of 3 PB’s, and a big hurrah for everyone who took part tonight. Welcome back Helen!

  2. 130 kg back squat (new PB at full depth), 150 kg deadlift (10 kg off PB), 75 kg press (new PB) = 355 kg total (beat my previous total by 10 kg)

  3. Press: 30kg, Deadlift: 80kg, Squat: 60kg
    Total: 170kg

    Really annoyed I didn’t get 32kg on the press! so close!

  4. 85kg backsquat (new PB), 100kg deadlift (new PB), 45kg press (new PB). 230 total. Enjoying the focus on strength. Love that new squat rack, too. Good times.

  5. Ahh – thanks you lot – it was great to be back last night and see all your friendly faces – you made me feel very welcome 😀 Once I got over the nerves and feeling like an out of practice weakling – I managed to beat my personal best on deadlift and match my previous for press – just a little off my back squat:
    Deadlift 77.5kg; Press 27kg; Back squat 60k


  6. Back squat 115kg
    Deadlift 157.5kg
    Press 80kg

    Struggling with the at the moment, while reaching new PBs in Deadlift and Press.

  7. Back squat 150kg deadlift 150kg press 55kg back squat PB others down on last time Boo more strength please!!

  8. My numbers were;

    DL: 102kg (PB YAY!)
    BS: 80kg
    PP: 37.5Kg (PB YAY!)

    Need to work on Back squat depth; Well done Kate for pushing your 85kg and unwittingly giving me a target for next time! But SO chuffed to have broken the 100K mark.

  9. Wow, Amelia – you’re awesome!
    My deadlift PB is 97.5, so I’m chasing you on that lol! But I think it will take me forever to get near your press. Bravo!

  10. Hadn’t tried doing a max lift in a while so I was pretty happy with my results. Although my back squat and my press need some serious work..

    Press: 50KG
    Deadlift: 165KG
    Back Squat: 120KG

    Total: 335

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