WOD 13th September Fran-tastic

13 Sep

After weeks of thrusting practise (keep it clean people!) It was time to unleash the FRAN…

Just a gentle (yeah you read right gentle) warm up – I wanted you guys to be fresh for Fran, getting the best possible times. For some it is the first time at the mercy of Fran, others were just looking to get a better time.

Rosie scored a PB of 6m40 at prescribed weight… WHoop WHoop

Well Done gang, get those times recorded.

As a treat we finished the night with some fun and games.

Dodge Ball Rules -3 balls placed in the middle of gym.
Teams must reach for the balls quicker then the other, throwing at opp team mates.
If a team mate is hit they have a forfeit, if they catch the ball its the thrower who gets a forfeit.

Getting a bit competitive!
Getting a bit competitive!

Bring on the competition!!!

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