WOD 14 Sept: “Phil’s Totally Terrible Tuesday”

14 Sep

Totally Terrible Tuesday.

This was the first official class given by yours truly. No one died and there was lots of swearing by everyone.

Obviously it went well.

I apologise already, I forgot to bring my camera so I can’t actually show you how much everyone rocked tonight. I won’t forget for next time.

Here is my “how to” guide for “How to make English people swear. Lots.”

Started off with a mini WOD warm up. Justify it by claimed that since you’re foreign and such that your crazy ideas are actually “fresh” and “hip” instead of sadistic.

Add a healthy dose of heavy deadlifts under the guise of developing “powerful hip extension” and a “strong posterior chain.”

Throw in a Crossfit Football WOD consisting of:

4 rounds for time of
Max rep Push Press (+/- 65% 1 RM)
30 Double Unders

Observe as everyone destroys round 1 with little trouble.

Laugh maniacally as rounds 2-4 come along.

Then, make everyone do aggressive stretching with a band until they feel their tendons weeping. (Remember. It’s “hip”.)

I was very happy with everyone’s performance. Efe and Phil were my first two victims and they benched out an impressive amount of reps and double unders. Phil hit a double under PR (Go Phil!) and Efe made his deadlifts look like a walk in the park. The second class had guest star Andrew who finished within 4 minutes and swore almost continuously afterward. Sam’s deadlift is shaping up to be quite impressive and Stephanie also hit a deadlift PR tonight so make sure to give her a fist bump next class. The ladies of class two included Kate, Joy, Stephanie, Helen, and April who all benched out a truly impressive amounts of reps and ALL finished before the cut off time with clean skipping. Jahn was my last victim, who managed to power through his workout AND still had enough juice to work on kipping afterward.

Good job to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “WOD 14 Sept: “Phil’s Totally Terrible Tuesday”

  1. Did 80% of the double unders, and once got 10 in a row (don’t count the skip inbetween!) Afterwards, felt like I’d been in a blender.

    Thanks for a great class, Phil!

  2. Thanks Sally!
    Couldn’t even do one a few weeks ago. Really does prove (with a lot of self-flagellation) anyone can do them!

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