WOD 27th September: All fun and games!

27 Sep

After running through today’s WOD with Phil watching over I nearly fell into a heap on the floor. I was then swiftly informed by Phil that I look scary while training… apparently good scary.

Having an extra coach hanging around tonight meant that we could do good cop bad cop, not sure who was playing the good cop though lol.

Todays warm up I was reliably inform by Ben was soooo not a warm up! You tell me???

25 air squats followed by sumo deadlift high pulls then ring dips. We set it out as a team event. The first team member begins with 25 air squats and as they move on to the next exercise the following team mate can’t move on ’till their mate has completed the next 25. So the poor guys stuck at the back did a few more reps. But hey it’s crossfit: it’s meant to burn!!!

Right on to the WOD

Push Press Ladder 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 with a 200m dash between each set. As darkness fell we sub-ed with 20 Kb swings (16kg)

GO Ben!
GO Ben!

With time to spare good cop bad cop felt it was a good opportunity to test run a few games we had up our sleeves.

Game 1 The invisible chair

Split in to teams again each holds a 12kg Kb. The first contender is at the starting line while the rest of the crew adopt the invisible chair position (or as Amilia informed us, an MOD stress position). At the starting line you begin with 12 swings then dashing to the half way line, tapping down and back then run back to the finish line and then back again to relief their team mate and get them self into the “stress position” as so the game continues ’till everyone is crying!!!


Game 2 unfortunately camera battery died and so no pic. Will try to explain the best way I can.

Teams again! Using one side of the gym as an arena the first contenders adopts an extended plank pose. On the count of 3 they rush toward the opponent (keeping their bum low, again prob could argue a stress position!)

As the two players meet it’s then the challenge to unbalance the opponent while keeping your own balance. Winner stays on. And so the game continues ’till everyone is knocked out! There are only a few rules: no face gauging or groin grabbing, and of course your bum stays low so no downward facing dog!

All in all a fun, fun night.

3 thoughts on “WOD 27th September: All fun and games!

  1. we ought to say sorry to everyone. One of the agenda items for the forthcoming coaching academy is “fun warm up games” so you can expect a lot of “fun” over the next few weeks as various coaches experiment with their warm up presentations…yes its true, you are all little guinea pigs

  2. Fun games have been fun! Especially enjoyed the bear-crawl wrestling, lets do that again! Terror suspect interrogation techique game = less fun

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