WOD 28th September: Tuesday Triage

29 Sep


7 Rounds for time: 15 min Cut off. (14:53)
7 push ups
7 thrusters (Fran Weight)
7 knees to elbows
7 pull ups
Contrary to what most of the regulars of the Tuesday class would have you believe, I do not make it a point to systematically destroy everyone who sets foot in the gym.
It tends to just happen naturally.
Today’s WOD was particularly brutal. The combination of knees to elbows and pull ups was “pleasant”. I gave bonus points to anyone who could transition from one to the next without letting go of the bar. Which became a serious issue after round 4 because most people (myself included) lost the ability to keep my grip. The time limit of 15 mins meant that to finish, you had about 2 mins per round, which wouldn’t have been an issue, except that the thrusters were brutal enough to slow everyone down.
On top of all that, we tested a few games tonight. The first of which was from Phil and felt like a very sadistic version of “Simon”. Mine was much more entertaining, (at least for me.) and involved making people cuddle kettlebells while holding the invisible chair. While their teammates had to run suicides. Losing team has to do burpees.
Doesn’t that sound like fun?
In addition the physical trauma I subjugated everyone to, I made matters worse by forcing them to listen to loud annoying rap music (I was feeling a little nostaligic.) that, with it’s very liberal use of swear words and base line, made for a very brutal WOD. Both physically and mentally.
To avoid writing War and Peace and naming all your individual accomplishments, I give you:
The (completely arbitary) Award wall:
  • Phil gets the “it’s offically on.” award for not only finishing before me, but doing it with more weight as well.
  • Kirsty and Stephanie get the “Anything you can do we can do better.” award for setting the best times outs all night
  • Special mention goes out to Efe for “Most chalk usage during a WOD EVER.” award. He made the floor look like a bad night in Vegas.
Vegas baby!
Vegas baby!
Total tally:
3 torn calluses. 23% completion rate. 95% of members passing out on the floor post WOD rate.
See everyone next week.

3 thoughts on “WOD 28th September: Tuesday Triage

  1. That rap was indeed brutal. It added to the whole ‘torture’ theme that seems to be part and parcel of Tuesdays now. No pain, no gain. See you next week.

  2. How to make push-ups seem like a nice rest: wrap them up with Fran and k2e’s.

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