WOD 30th September PAIN Day!

30 Sep

Feeling a bit militant today I decided on a circuit warm up. It consisted of 8 exercises – overhead squat (pvc), overhead lunge, hamstring walkouts, Kb swings, Kb snatches, Extended plank, Kb deadlifts,  wall balls. Not in that particular order.

Nice to see you Ruairi!
Nice to see you Ruairi!

The aim of the game was to push out as many reps as possible in 1 minute, and as I have a tendency of getting bored every now and then I shouted 5 burpees to the crowds delight! The warm up lasted 8 minutes leaving us time to attack, properly every ones favourite WOD of the wk…lol

Here’s how is goes…..

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 sit ups

RULES – As few sets as possible!

Stretching between all those push ups.. ouch!
Stretching between all those push ups.. ouch!

A mention to Ruairi back from injury! Whoop.

Well done peeps, a tough slog but we got there!

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