WOD 4 September: Double Dose

04 Sep

Another fantastic morning at Crossfit London.  Today we played silly games again for a warm up. Love seeing you all getting warmed but smiling and laughing.  I introduced “the ladder” climb today and and we finished with a swimming gala. Lets just say you had to be there.  We skilled and drilled handstands today.  A fantastic core conditioning movement and a strength builder too.  Just holding a handstand takes a lot of effort.  We had an added bonus today when those who have never done a handstand managed one today with a simple and effective confidence drill to get you up against the wall.

Moving on to the WOD a nasty case of a double dose.  Seems there are a lot of germs going around so it seemed appropriate.  Get well soon Joy and Kirsty.  The WOD was on two parts the first a 7 minute AMRAP of 10x 40kg Push Press 10x Box Jump.  We then took 1 minute rest and finished with 7 rounds for time of 5x burpees 5x ground to overhead 40kg.  The whole workout took most people close to the 20 minute mark.  But we did have a fantastic sub 14 minute by Simon. Well done for that.  Apologies for the short post but short on time and another apology for the pictures, forgot the camera again.

6 thoughts on “WOD 4 September: Double Dose

  1. Thinking back to the comedy crossfit injury post of a few months back – I managed to hit myself in the face on the FTO’s and, have a nasty lump on my chin.

  2. Simon? Tom you mean Colin, Tom with the grey t shirt haha got a nice red collar bone after not taking it to my chest on the push press! serves me right i suppose! good workout cheers!

  3. Empathy with the comedy injury Mark: I too managed to bosh myself under the chin with the bar and bite down on my tongue at the same time… it bled, it hurt, lesson learnt- retract head!!

  4. Tom apologies. The others will confirm, that I do get your names right, eventually.

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