WOD 6 September: Dumbbell Push Press. ‘Nuff said.

06 Sep

Summer looks like it’s over, and even grey skies and tube strikes could keep you away!

After a warm up drill of OH squats and pull ups we tackled cleaning 5 sets of 3.

Main WOD consisted of

30 push presses and 15 swings only thing is that if any of the round were broken it was punishable by 10 box jumps.

Swingers R us
Swingers R us

Trev confidently claimed he wouldn’t need a box as he would get through this with not problem! As you can see from below Trev did nearly as many box jumps as push presses.

Jumping Mad!
Jumping Mad!

Well Done to all!

3 thoughts on “WOD 6 September: Dumbbell Push Press. ‘Nuff said.

  1. I’m jumping that fast I’ve gone all blurry! Take box jumps over those nasty dumbell presses any day!!! Sal kept trying to tempt me with the 10kg bells she even set them down next to me at one point needless to say they remained untouched! Remember kids ‘be the best you can’!!

  2. Those 10kg dumbbells were horrible…had to drop down to the 7.5’s and still couldn’t go unbroken on the later rounds!

  3. i was on 5 kgs and they were pretty awful, but since I hate box jumps with a passion I managed to have a totally unbroken WOD – no box jumps for me, just shoulder bruises!

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