WOD 12 October: Focus Required.

12 Oct

WOD 12 October: Focus Required.

Skill of the day:

Back to Basics: The Humble Push up.

Push ups are simple. The staple of training programs everywhere, the humble push up has been used to measure people’s level of fitness for a long time. In Crossfit, we do push ups at high volume. Unfortunately, a lot of people (myself included.) tend to sacrifice their form at higher volume repetitions.
Tonight’s back to basics is a way to set a standard for push ups, and then place it under weight to stress it.
My standard for push ups is chest to the floor, full extension of the arms and the body has to move in one unit. To enforce the standard, once the chest touched the floor, everyone had to lift their hands off the ground before pressing up. Just to keep things fun. Once the standard was set, we got people in position and added plates till we hit a 3 rep max.
It’s not fancy, but it’s fun.
For me in any case.
Which, as the Tuesday class knows, is the most important part of Tuesdays.
Naim Keeping the Standards high.
Naim Keeping the Standards high.
The WOD was a charming little AMRAP of 10 front squats and 20 double unders for 15 mins.
The fun part: The front squats tend to make the double unders a little tough. The double unders then tend to make the front squats a little tough. The work isn’t the hard part, the hard part is the mental focus required.
It’s not “Soul Crushing” so much as it “builds character.” I’m happy to announce that everyone survived and my limit of 7 rounds was heartlessly destroyed more then once over.
Arbitrary Awards of the Day:
“It’s a skill”: To Trevor and Sophia for managing to whip their hamstrings during double unders.
“Trial by Fire”: To Katrina and Matthew for learning all about AMRAP’s and Skipping the hard way.
“Toe Hatred”: To April for finding out that Vibrams and jump ropes aren’t friends.
“Ascension”: To Kirsty for best sweat angel.
Ascension award
Ascension award
“I can take it.”: To Yuri and the entire 7:30 class for doing tuck jumps instead of skipping.
“Bad Medicine”: To Joy for repeatedly trying to lobotomize herself.
“We can rebuild him”: To Selim for coming back strong from his time off.
Next week, because of a specific training method we will be using, there will be a “Best Bling” award. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “WOD 12 October: Focus Required.

  1. Just when I thought I had double unders down, they sneak off somewhere when gassed. Makes getting 20 of them per round a nightmare! Like herding angry cats!

    20k bar, seven rounds.
    Great night, thanks Phil

  2. 23kg 8 rounds I say not too shabby but would need a lot of double unders practice!
    Thanks Phil

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