WOD 20 October: And That’s An AMRAP

21 Oct

Wednesday 20th October 2010

So this week I imagine you will all be sick of the sight of me, I am covering this session, Friday and the whole weekend.  But I love coaching you all so its never a chore.

The warm up was based on a knowledge check, we used to call them tests but that’s too intimidating these days. We drilled the three movements for the WOD but each attendee had to name a coaching point for the movement.  As we made our way around the class we were able to build a complete picture of how the move should be done and so no excuses for getting it wrong when drilling.  We finished with a little game of ring a roses to warm us all up some more. Training in a cold store is challenging, for me anyway.  Forgive me if I made you dizzy with all my running around, I had to stay warm!

Skills and Drills

We looked at the alternative use for the rings. Push ups and core stability movements and how they could assist in training the single leg squat.  Rings are great, get yourself some and hang them somewhere funky like off your flats balcony or more sensibly a garden tree.


A 20 minute AMRAP of 5 Thrusters, 7 Hang Cleans and 10 Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls. Suggested weight 40kg/30kg. Anyone getting close to 8-10 rounds was doing really well.  There were a couple of elevens achieved, good work.  The WOD soon becomes a slog and I wanted to emphasise that controlled aggression and good hip extension would get you through this.  Or else you would have fried arms and shoulders.

The last class had time for a little After Party of 50 press ups  and 50 sit ups. Nice!

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