WOD 30 October: Blackjack

30 Oct

Lots to talk about today.  We started class a little differently by warming up looking at our back squat.  We talked about the low bar squat and and the convential bar position. We warmed up working on our form and depth of squat. It so important to get a full range of motion and be strong in the very bottom of our squat. This has a direct translation to heavy Olympic lifts where we catch the bar in a very deep squat.  If we cannot drive out from here the lift is incomplete.  So we worked towards a set of 30 reps of our bodyweight.  Without rest, but you can pause in the standing position but do not rack the bar.  This is a massive load after about 20 reps’ and you soon find yourself gritting teeth and screaming as you push out the squats.  Some people may not get to their bodyweight straight away and some find they are so strong they can lift a little more.  Well done to Joy with a new 1 rep max PR!

After all this it was on to our WOD.  Blackjack everything adds up to 21.  Our two playing card suits were Press Ups and Sit Ups. Start with 20 PrU followed by 1 SU then 19 and 2, 18 and 3 so on till 1 PrU and 20 SU. All done for time.  You need to really resist the urge to rest. Sit ups should be tackled unbroken and only stop your press ups when you hit failure a brief pause and then start pushing out sets of 2 and 3.  You start wishing to do more sit ups for a rest and then it reverses at the other end.  We had a cut off time of 21 minutes, seemed appropriate.  Well done to Yuri for a fantastic effort in the back squats and for completing the whole WOD.

Our After Party was to sing happy birthday to our Brie. Many felicitations to you.

Novembers Challenge

Now last month I posted a monthly challenge I started with the handstand challenge, a month long progression to improve and get you stronger at being on your hands.  This month it is the press up.  If you follow this for a month you will see about a 10% increase in performance.   Day 1 count your number of press ups in a minute, do not cheat but really go for it, make a note of your number. Two days later you are going to do a Tabata set of press ups. This is 8 sets of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest.  However there is a difference.  If you got 50 press ups in a minute you just double the the first digit, so 2×5=10 (If you scored 30-39 then 2×3=6).   You will do 10 press ups in each 20 second set. You will find you finish with plenty of extra time to rest, but towards set 8 you may struggle.  Two days later you will do another Tabata session but this time go for maximum numbers in each set and record your total score.  That’s week 1 done.  Week 2, add 1 rep for the first Tabata session, so if I was on 10 it will now be 11 for every set, again you may achieve this, you may not.  A couple of days later do a normal Tabata set and count your total reps.   Week 3 add another 1 rep for each set so for me it would be 12 and again do a normal Tabata session at the end, record your total score.  The last week you add another 1 rep so I would be on 13 each set now. This should be a real struggle.  A couple of days rest then do another Tabata session for total reps. Then after 2 days rest lets re test the max reps for one minute, you should see  about a 10% increase.  This can all be done as scaled versions but look to stick to the same type of press up throughout your programme.  Enjoy!

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