WOD 9 October: Complex Lifting

09 Oct

Firstly I must start with an apology for the very late post. I have not been home since Saturday and so have not been able to post until now.

Another great turn out on Saturday and your regular attendance is greatly appreciated by me. We started with a warm up of fun and games of ‘Butt Racing’ (named by Brie, who is the reigning champ) and ring a ring-of-roses/you’re it game. Suitably warmed up we revisited the essential squat.

The squat appears every where in Crossfit. Simply on its own, strength training, Olympic lifts, wall balls etc… I think you get the idea. So you need to get it right, or at least be well on the way to getting it right. My squat journey has been going on since 2008 when I first visited one of Andrew’s workshops and my striving for a perfect squat continues to this day. Do not be alarmed this is not uncommon and I am still enjoying seeing and feeling the benefits. We revised a few drills and learnt to spot for each other and in such a short space of time we saw lots of improvements. Practice these drills away from the gym, especially the pole squat on the tube ride home!


The clean and jerk is the most powerful lift you will learn for getting a load from the floor to over head. It is an Olympic lift ergo it is very difficult. It is a fine and technical skill combining timing and violence of action. Lifting complexes allow you to break these movements down and practice the individual components and get a great met con too.

  • 9 Dead Lifts
  • 6 Hang Cleans
  • 3 Front Squats
  • 1 Shoulder to Overhead.

Seven rounds of these for time with a prescribed weight of 60kg and 40kg (scaling options as always)

This is a good 10 minute met-con if you game it right. Try and only rest on the 8th dead lift then you are not doing extra dead lifts! Hook grip was advisable too as forearm pump can be a problem. Phil with a time of seven and half minutes was impressive. Naim you get a special mention for excellent form. Check out the photo.

Pulling faces really helps.

We finished with a very pleasant Afterparty of a lunge walk down the alley.

Up-coming news: I have been asked to host and arrange a Crossfit London UK Facebook group/company. So watch this space.

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