CrossFit London Crimbo Party

18 Oct

CrossFit London Crimbo Party, 18 December 2010, 1600-late!

Varied and delicious food (and drinks) consumed at leisurely intensity!

Put all that functional training to good use at our first annual Crimbo dinner. Flex your eating muscles, lift your glasses, and strut your funky sumo deadlift high pull on the dancefloor (hmm…)

Come and join us for an eight course (yup!) banquet at Iznik Turkish Restaurant in Highbury.

The price per person is £33.75, and you can pay for your tickets using the online booking system, by following this link. This price is for food only.

Here is a copy of the menu for the evening: Iznik Christmas Menu. Closer to the time Colin will be in touch for your menu choices.

Note: this event is open to CrossFit London members and clients (and their partners/plus ones) only.

19 thoughts on “CrossFit London Crimbo Party

  1. this is so worthy of a caption contest
    Colin:” I never get to sit with the boys!!! hmph!”

  2. This is looking great; cheers to Colin and Joy for their hard work organising!

    If anyone has any questions about the menu or allergies (gluten intolerance etc.) feel free to drop me a line: selim (at)

  3. Surely that’s old skool scissors and pritstick?

    For the caption surely it’s Andrew and something about squirrels.

  4. Fucken hell. I look like I’m about to commit unspeakable acts of murder. I should smile more. 😛

  5. Am I the only one who remembers posing for this photo for Kate? It’s not PhotoShop.

  6. Possibly best-ever use of Photoshop. Plus from our pre-Christmas-dinner expedition food is going to be awesome!!

  7. Ah but phil I think the murderous look is nicely off-set by the camp hand gesture which combined give you more of a look of “This jumper is versace so I don’t care what you other non-fashionistas victims think , flounce flounce flounce”

  8. should the crossfit london crimbo party have an ‘ugly sweater’ theme? i think we’d all look AWESOME

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