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11 Oct

In spite of the fact that most people at Crossfit London hate running, we are planning to schedule both some dedicated running technique sessions, and a regular weekly running session (club?) as well.

We are fortunate enough to have Andrew Stemler on our trainer team who is both a POSE running coach and a Crossfit Endurance certified trainer. He also has some reputation as a barefoot runner too, but will let you run ‘clothed’, so to speak.

And so to the questions:

If we are going to have  a weekly running session, when would you like it? The session could either be on a weekend, or on a mid-week evening. It could  be staged during our quiet times, or at the same time as our regular schedule (because we will be outside running!!)

Hopefully we will be able to pull in some of our members who like running to help as well.

Please pop your thoughts into the comments section, below.

30 thoughts on “Crossfit London Running Club

  1. Happy to be the ring leader for a midday 5k run in the city.

    Could suggest a route, time and meeting point and then people can drop me a line if they want to join in .


  2. I hate running… but would love to have some encouragement and friends to do it with!
    we could do a group run wod on thurs at 730 when beginners are using the blackboard gym?
    or 8am jogs in the morning?

  3. Sat/Sun morning would be ideal for me.
    Make sure someone leaves me a map ’cause I’ll be trailing well behind!

  4. Yeah I’m up for a midday run in the city or Sun morning or Monday/Tue evening, would we mix it up a bit; sprints/400m/1k/5k? or is a constant 5k thing

  5. Yup weekends will be cool for me but not 8am lol evenings too. Kate seen as we agreed that our lack of running ability is due to us being scouse i will join you at the back lol,

  6. Great Kirsty! Us scousers need motivation to “give it pumps”. We could go shoplifting and wait for the Rozzers to get after us!

    (sorry about disgraceful stereotyping)

  7. hey all – i meant 8am DURING the week – i don’t think with work at 10 for many it could be left much later than that!!

    and kate, i’m sure i’ll be bringing up the rear with you!!

  8. Brie I think the Thursday at 19:30 idea is a good idea, but after I thought about it for a little i’m not so sure as it will be getting dark very early soon.

    I think weekends are a good idea, and like Ruairi i’d like to see some sprints and stuff included.

  9. Hi, I used to coach at Bexley Athletics and loved running in the cross country team (proper running) Would be more than happy to pass on my limited experience with some good conditioning drills etc…There’s nothing like a negative split…

  10. The running sessions would be the whole range of running skills, sure some 5ks, but short sprints, bleep tests, 400/800m stuff etc etc…. for an idea check out crossfit endurance wods

    Glad to welcome Colin and Efe on board. . Ill also have to go in a huddle with our insurers and the local authority. Keep on suggesting times… we may end up with several sessions a week.

  11. I wouldn’t mind joining in but weekends is best for me … sunday morning.

    Colin – I would love to try cross country.

  12. I’ll get involved where I can as well. I think it’s a good plan …..

    A regular running slot during the week could work once a month or so for me (lunchtimes in the city is ideal – I start work at 7.30 am so my mornings are out), but the weekend is probably best for a regular endurance WOD right? Perhaps post-colin, or post-Amelia?

    Either could work for me.

    Could we do it at an Athletics venue? I used to know people who used the athletics track at Battersea park for example, but I’m sure there is something much closer to the Blackboard gym.

  13. Good grief didn’t think the running would be that popular! I’m in too i’m doing a bit of crossfit endurance already but using a C2 you thinking of going for the full endurance trip? Maybe we should be training for a future 5k-10k …… ultra mountain marathon?? Weekends I think are best not having to run around dark mean streets! Could go to victoria park thats quite handy, no running track though!

  14. I would be interested in some track sessions.

    Theres an old (and free to use) running track on the far side of Victoria park, it also has pull up bars, dip frames etc in the middle. It would be a short run (about 10 minutes) from Bethnal Green.

  15. just to pick up on the C2 bit. we are making a connection with an established rowing club to improve your rowing technique…and get you out on the water. Watch out for more info.

    could everyone start listing venues (Ideally with track) with contact details to see who we need to contact to hire

  16. the only one I know is paddington recreation ground – believe its camden council, but don’t quote me…

  17. Def up for running – especially if you can tell me how to do it without hurting my knees… I’m happy weekday or weekend – just not too early or too late 🙂

  18. This URL provides details of all athletics tracks in UK.
    I think the nearest one is Mile End Stadium its used by Tower Park and Victoria Hamlets athletics club. It looks like it is available Saturday and Sunday morning for the public to use.

  19. Ah that’s great news about the C2/rowing club…i’ve been wanting to learn some good rowing technique.

  20. Sounds great. Would be interested in the occasional weekend run when in London. Currently been training for a half marathon which is this Sunday. But after that I want to train for shorter faster distances like 5K and 10K. Also very happy to do some sprinting as well. There is a RNLI 10K and 5K coming up on the first weekend of December around Victoria Park. ‘The Reindeer Run’. I have entered for the 5K and need to get some speed work in after Sunday.

  21. @Brief Paddington Rec Ground is Westminster Council – it does indeed have a track, which dedicated types go round and round on weekends. If anyone’s interested in going for a run there I can shepherd you from the tube. 🙂

  22. So when is this so called Crossfit London Running Club happening? Lets do it soon please 🙂

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