WOD 27 October: Deadlift Box Jump combo

27 Oct

An interesting evening.

Work up to your max Deadlift ( well done Helen for smashing her previous Deadlift),

Then, for fun, load 115% of your body weight onto the bar, get a 24inch box. Then Deadlift the bar 10 times, and jump on the box 25 times.

Do it 3 times

Phil battles (ripples) through round 2

As always, loads more photos on flicker. Sorry about the quality but my new i-phone is a bit rubbish for action pics

2 thoughts on “WOD 27 October: Deadlift Box Jump combo

  1. Short and nasty! Managed another PR on the DL though up to 170kg, have loads of coffee in the afternoon folks it REALLY works!!!!

  2. 170 deadlift, i.e. 1.7x bw
    took 5 min to do the WOD, 115 kg deadlifts

    Its nice have a nice round figure for BW 🙂

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