WOD 24 October: Erin

24 Oct

WOD Sunday 24th October 2010

Well today is United Nations Day I am sure you will all join me in wishing the UN a very happy birthday!

A Hero WOD today I always describe these as Crossfit times ten. I chose Erin as it has a slightly unusual movement the Dumbell Split Clean.  So after a fun and games warm up we took time to look at the components of this movement.  We practiced lunges both and forward and those oddly awkward ones going back wards.  We then progressed to ski jumps a plyometric version of alternating lunges with emphasis on really high jumps.  With this in mind we then translated this into our Dumbell Split Cleans.  I was impressed at how quickly you picked up the movements.  With this all done it was on to the WOD


Canadian Army Master Corporal Erin Doyle, 32, was killed in a firefight August 11th, 2008 in the Panjwaii District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Nicole and his daughter Zarine.

Five rounds of:  Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps 21 Pull-ups.  All done for time.

Our AFTER PARTY was a cuddly little triplet of 44 press ups 44 sit ups 44 squats. A big thank you to Kate for the Oreo’s, delicious and yes, they have already gone! PS. Enjoy your squash buttocks everyone.

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