Farewell, John!

01 Oct

It was with a a heavy heart that the 0630 crew bid John K. a fond farewell this morning.

Australian John has been training with CrossFit London – mainly in the 0630 morning sessions – since April this year and is leaving to return to his homeland.

Aside from being a veritable monster when it comes to the workouts (not uncommon to see John substitute in a heavier kettlebell or taller box) he is one of the nicest, most positive and friendly people you are likely to meet. Always encouraging others and putting in maximum effort each time he turned up, John has been a true pleasure to work with and be around. It will be an odd feeling turning up on Monday morning and not seeing him at the gym!

To celebrate his time with us, and to leave him with some aching muscles to remember us by, we cooked up the following farewell WOD for him this morning:

“The King”

  • 5x Press, 10x push press, 15x push jerk (2 rounds)
  • 33x Back squats
  • 5x Press, 10x push press, 15x push jerk (2 rounds)
  • 33x Front squats
  • 5x Press, 10x push press, 15x push jerk (2 rounds)
  • 33x Overhead squats
  • 1x Muscle-up (for John)

Travel safe, John!

4 thoughts on “Farewell, John!

  1. John,

    Morning class isn’t going to be the same without you. But it will be nice, not getting spanked by a minutes on the WOD’s. I remember the good old days when you first came in, and I constantly beat you. Then you did a muscle up with no problem at all and from then on I could never catch you. Good luck in Oz.


  2. Even on your last day you had to beat us all by a zillion minutes!!

    Good luck John and take care


  3. John,
    I’ve always thought you were an animal, now you are a certified animal.
    You will be sorely missed, as will Law & Order (your left and right legs)
    Good luck in Melbourne, will look you up if I’m ever down that way.

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