i-course 31 October 2010

31 Oct

We had another fantastically successful i-course day, introducing a mixed group of fitness professionals and “normal people” to a fascinating range of Crossfit skills. You can check out the photos here

A lovely helping team included, Amelia and her (soon to be a Crossfit affiliate in the West Country) boyfriend Andrew, and Peter Walker, all of whom were glad to stick their fingers in peoples hips and prod and poke and encourage. Good Job!

The core material was delivered by Crossfit London’s very own Steven, Colin, Chris and Kate . Marvellous!.

This course seems to go from strength to strength, mainly because of the attitude of the attendees who come to learn, and in many cases, knowingly step out of their comfort zone to improve. In return, we don’t beast people, merely take them through a supportive, structured day of learning, that involves only a bit of good natured pain.

Debbie on her way to thrashing the boys in the basket sit hold competition

4 thoughts on “i-course 31 October 2010

  1. My thanks to the whole team and all participants for a great day. There is just so much material in this workshop, and the day was run with a fast pace. I’d fancied the i-course for ages but, living way outside London, it just never fitted my schedule. For anyone else swithering about whether or not to do this – just sign up and sort out your logistics. You’ll not regret it. As a self-coached athlete it has been great to get so much technical input from so many gifted coaches in such a short time. I look forward to catching up with some of you again soon. All the best, Magnus

  2. I echo Magnus’ comments. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and there was stuff in there that I never ever would have contemplated doing of my own accord. Having a susceptibility to occasional lower back and shoulder niggles I was delighted that neither of those problems surfaced during the day or indeed this morning. With the support and encouragement of the crossfit team you feel in very safe hands. The ‘icebreaking’ between the delegates was the best I’ve experienced anytime – social or business – and as a result it was a great bunch of people to do the course with who were pretty relaxed in each others’ company as of minute one. Now to work out where in my front room I can practice handstands…. Am looking up my local crossfit club now and am tempted to bring my sister on the i-course in the not too distant future. I feel positively evangelical about the whole experience… Thank you.

  3. And for anyone who was shrugging and pulling properly yesterday (like me), that feeling in your neck and upper back is DOMS in your traps! Love it.

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