WOD 2 October: Kettle Bell Race

03 Oct

“Men die for points,” a quote from a journal piece describing “What is Crossfit?”

I have spoken in the past about competition being a great motivator.  Crossfit urges you to compete against yourself and each other.  It does this by asking you to complete tasks as fast as possible or to complete as many tasks as possible in a given time.  There is also the strength side where you are looking to lift more weight in the simplest of terms.  As a coach I have to be constantly be aware of the carrot and stick syndrome.  Too much stick and people can become resistant so praise is handed out both here in the review and in the box.  But sometimes just asking someone to do a task for time can look a little dull.

Take todays WOD 120 Kettle Bell Swings for time pick the right weight and this would be very challenging, but maybe a little uninspiring? So how do you spice it up? Burpees!  You hate them, so we love them.  They are a great exercise hitting everything in an explosive gymnastic movement and very scalable.  So 120 KBS but every minute on the minute there were 3 burpees.  The faster you completed your swings the better the time and fewer burpees!

120 Kettle Bell Swings, that's all...

There were as usual some fantastic efforts.  When I did this WOD I did not time my self but did it in under 9 minutes so finished somewhere in the 8th minute. I anticipated most people could do this in around 10 minutes.  You all surprised me.  Phil finished in under 8 minutes, impressive.  And maybe next time I would look to up the swings or burpees or both?

Yeh Burpees!

Anyway the fast finish gave us plenty of time for a proper Afterparty of Tabata revolver of press ups and squats, your grunts and moans were music to my ears.  🙂  And then chocolate cake.

All this after a great strength session of strict and weighted pull ups.  Get strong at these and you will find yourself soon changing down a rubber band or two in your WODS.

On a social note Joy and I got a small exploration party together to go on a Christmas Party venue expedition.  Selim, your place is fantastic and you are a great host.  http://www.iznik.co.uk/

This relaxed gathering helps you lot see the human side of your coach, I am actually a very nice person: hell, I bring you cake!  But it was so much fun its been suggested we get together once a month I for one found it hilarious listening to you all talk about the coaches and some cute bloke with glasses! We will keep you posted for the next gathering.

If you are in the handstand challenge well done and keep it up.  I am already working on next month’s…

6 thoughts on “WOD 2 October: Kettle Bell Race

  1. Had great fun at lunch and the pub with you guys, some great conversations! I guess I need to try and find me some small cute glasses…

    Oh and Kirsty needs some burpees for not making it this morning after her night out!

  2. Yes Burpees for me for not making it this morning….Hangover too over lol

    Cute boy with Glasses….hmmmmmm Brie who could we be talking about haha.

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