WOD 23 October: Shredded Shoulders

23 Oct


Back into my usual Saturday slot great to see you all making the effort to come out on a cold Autumn morning.  More silly games for the warm up this time musical chairs, but no walking around its OHS until the music stopped.  Playing Kirstys favourite song, Village People and YMCA.  (Thanks for the B-Day cakes).  Once the music stopped you rush to find a seat, or just saunter over with a casual I’m not really fussed.  Mix in some press ups and we all got warm while laughing.

Skillz and Drillz

The WOD today had Push Jerks, lots of them. So we re-visited the coaching points. We used our shadows on the walls to get an idea of where the bar is just before we push ourselves under the bar. This visible cue allowed us to focus on not pressing the bar up, but really pulling our bodies under the bar. You can do this with a mirror but it tends to overload you with visible information. A shadow on a wall is much simpler and helps you focus.


Once this was drilled on to the workout

Done for time with a suggested weight of 66% of your one rep max strict shoulder press or say 7 strict presses start to feel hard.

7x Press 7x Push Press 7x Push Jerk

25 x Box Jumps

9x P 9x PP 9x PJ

25x BJ

11x P 11x PP 11x PJ

25x BJ

The idea was to really fry your shoulders so you had to recruit those hip flexors and when they got tired you drilled your jerk technique.  Of course the box jumps were there to really mess you up.  Get the weight right and its doable in under 10 minutes.  I think some felt they went a little too light. Its not a problem to break the sets up.  But I think you all got the idea that the strict press was incredibly difficult but the push jerks massively more powerful.

The After Party was lots of kipping practice and getting the dish shape right when on the pull up bar.  Remember little movements to start with and only push the range of motion when your shoulders start to open up more and are not so tight.  Keep focussing on pushing the chest forward and your back backwards on the back swing. Try to forget about your legs and just let them hang.  Some of you who kip with a band commented on the fact that when using the band you feel you can use your legs. This is true because you have attached them to the bar with a rubber band. So when you push your chest forward you have to actively pull your feet behind you to get the classic D shape.  Not so with a free kip in fact over using your legs will be counter productive.  Practice, practice, practice.

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  1. I never thought 40k could feel so heavy!

    Colin I’ve tried to take on board your comments about bouncing on/off the red line on the rev counter – I can honestly say there was nothing left in the tank at the end of that WOD.

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