WOD 16 October: 10!

16 Oct

A short post today with no photos because some idiot forgot to put the memory card back in my camera.  Yep, it was me.

This WOD does exactly what it says on the tin.

10x Box Jumps

10x Press Ups

10x Overhead Squats (Bar/UPVC)

All repeated for ten rounds for time.

We warmed up with some drill square action marching on the spot, squats to my count and some double time action.

Skillz and Drillz: We took a look at the L-Sit and all its variations and progressions. I have to emphasise that nearly all the drills you learnt you can take away from the gym. Practice them in the front room or in the office chair.  Not having a pair of rings is not an excuse, you know that now.

The WOD was simple but would test your form as you are doing 100 reps of each movement. Really concentrate on jumping to the centre of the box and standing tall on landing. I told you all that I would be looking closely at your press ups and you all tried very hard at getting a full range of motion.  I have to say that I was very impressed with OHS.  There is nothing like high reps light weight to really drill a movement until it is instinctive.

The AfterParty: This was a coaches pep talk. At the recent coaches seminar I was really taken with something said by Andrew. “Every WOD is a test”  This was a great way to emphasise what is expected from you when you enter the gym. I have pointed to this amount of effort in a recent post by me http://crossfitlondonuk.com/2010/10/intelligent-training/ . I always make sure I have completed the WOD I am about to coach. I told you at the beginning that I did it in 9 minutes.  Now I know a lot of you would have looked at the WOD written on the board and thought that is a lot of work I am going to cruise this. This is exactly what I saw and in the last round there was a big sprint for the finish. I cannot dictate to you how hard you train, just encourage you.  When I finished this WOD I lay on the floor for 5 minutes, I could not move.  To quote a member “Get comfy at being uncomfy” You will find a whole new level of capacity and will tap in to your full potential.

But I will finish with absolute praise.  You are all Crossfitters one and all. You are different, you all stand apart from the mediocrity of the globo-gym. I know 90% of the training population would walk into our gym, leave and never come back.  I thank you and respect you for turning up and that you keep coming back.  Here endeth the lesson. Go forth and spread the word that is Crossfit.

2 thoughts on “WOD 16 October: 10!

  1. Musings:

    I think being able to take your training to the next level of intensity requires both mental and physical practice at being at that uncomfortable zone when your heart is pounding and your head screaming. Physically I know I need to practice at staying in top gear for longer, it’s an intensity endurance thing. But I am aware that what is often stopping my body from getting the purposful practice it needs is my head. Mentally I am definately aware that I give in too quickly to the voice screaming in my head “woah-let me stop and recover for a bit”.

    The most obvious indicator of the fact that it is mainly mental is difference in approach I have seen us all have when a bench-mark WOD comes up. I know my current Fran, time so when I hit the pain of the 15’s the desire to beat it helps me kick up a gear.

    When it is a “new” WOD, like above, it is hard not to find yourself ‘gaming’ it. The unknowable aspect means that you, or at least I, without meaning to ‘save some in the tank’ just in case it gets messy and use the first time at the WOD as a basic time-to-beat setter. I know crossfit aims for constantly varied but I maybe more regular cycles of wods could be helpful in getting people more mentally and physically used to being at top gear, by giving them a more knowable target. Thoughts? Or perhaps I just need to man-up a bit!?

    Minor musings:
    You forgot to add the 100 sit ups for fun we did at the after after party!

  2. …and you did them with a smile on your face…Respect. But Amelia you make very valid points. The unknowable is a problem, if you let it. Attack every WOD, if it gets “messy”, even better. Its about hitting the rev limiter and bouncing on and off it. If you hit the wall early in a WOD yes you may not achieve as fast as possible a time, but what a load you will have on your system and notch up another experience at being “uncomfy”. Plus I always give you a target to aim for so I have reduced some of the unknown for you.

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