WOD 22 October: The Perfect Couple

22 Oct

Friday 22nd October 2010

What a week I am having covering the weekday classes and now the whole weekend.  I have met some new faces and caught up with some who have not been to the  Saturday sessions for a while.

Today we warmed up with a nice ladder of Overhead Squats and Sit Ups.  Reinforcing those coaching points of a full range of motion.  We then drilled and skilled the press up.  An incredibly ubiquitous move that is practised in a seemingly infinite number of ways. But we broke it down to its simple classic form of a tight trunk hands under shoulders with a chest to floor and arms straight at extension for a full range of motion.  Then it was on to drills that will help you get stronger at the press up as well as grease that groove for a full range of motion.  If your keen to improve your press up then look out for my November challenge.

After all this it was on to our WOD a Crossfit classic that seems to come up at least twice a year.  10 rounds for time of 12 Pull Ups and 12 Burpees.  Two bodyweight exercises that will have you breathing like you are an oxygen addict.  It’s 120 of each after all.  100 burpees for time is a WOD on its own!  So with this in mind you all dived in and started digging.  Any one completing in under the 20 minute mark was doing well.  Practice burpees get good at them they will improve your press up and your agility.

Our After Party was a two minute pogo dance to either The Hives or Feeder.  Yeah that is right, you try pogoing for two minutes.  Big respect to Kate for the air guitar action, a real rock chick.

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  1. Best afterparty ever. And I learned a really good lesson about clock-watching in this WOD, when it got to our 20 min guillotine and we kept going!!

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