Trevor Marrs: Crossfit Trainer

17 Oct

Top Northerner, and  Crossfit London “Boy”, Trevor Marrs ,smashed his way through his level 1 Crossfit Certification this weekend.

Presumably they gave him a certificate, as they also gave him these…….

Calluses of pride

Trevor is our “gentle giant”  Tough, fun, great to have around. To me he has been a rock when discussing Gym Health and Safety issues and a great sounding board in some of my darker days. His ability to use Crossfit to support his climbing passion has been reflected in every aspect of his life, from a superb diet, to a cycling to work lifestyle,  should be an inspiration to you all.

Need a role model, he’s one of he best you can follow.

23 thoughts on “Trevor Marrs: Crossfit Trainer

  1. FANTASIC! Although, to be honest, it was pretty much a given that you’d pass with flying colours (and seriously damaged hands!)

  2. Thanks everyone really appreciate the kind words love you all! I really hope I can live up to the excellent trainer standards set by Andrew and the team and looking forward to setting a few mountainous WOD’s for you to enjoy in the future! God my hands are sore though, be glad to get back onto the scaffold poles!

  3. Trevor, check you out with your picture on mainsite! Woop!

    Well done for completing the certification. AND I will forever be jealous of you because you got to meet Annie Thorisdottir- she i like my favouritist HERO/lady crush!

  4. Annie T is a she-God. Hope she’s there in December ….

    I’ll probably make some moves and get my big a$$ whooped – she’s solid.

    oh – and well done big Trev on passing your cert – pleased too that you haven’t gone for the shirt-off mega-pose like a lot of the numpties on main-site.

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