WOD 11th October Grizzly Bear!

11 Oct

Bet you’re all wondering where all those great pictures have gone??? Well it seems that the pictures were so hardcore they corrupted the SD card!!! Way to go team. Steven is going to try to retrieve them so watch this space.

I have been looking to program this WOD for so long, the videos on line looked fierce and I gotta say it lived up to the hype. What a WOD!!!

The Bear is getting to Efe.
The Bear is getting to Efe.

It’s got a kind of confusing set up so we had a warm up of the moves and dry run of a round. Hopefully you can make sense from the below.

1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press, 1 Back Squat, 1 Push Press x7 (in that order) = 1 Round
The aim of the game is to reach 5 rounds. At the end of each round you increase the weight and only then can the weight be placed down. It’s a touch and go system. And yes the wrists are going to hurt.

Cindy is feeling the bear!
Cindy is feeling the bear!

There was no time on this WOD, it was pure brute force and determination that got us through. Leaving us just enough time to to get in some hard core abs…

We had some visitors tonight for the 7.30 class. Nick and Brian from Florida. Well done lads, it was a pleasure.
Hopefully I will have the photo evidence to prove what champs you horrible lot are, but until then its all wicked! lol.

2 thoughts on “WOD 11th October Grizzly Bear!

  1. Wow some good photos here…
    I watched it on youtube later
    I think it would be good if we were taught that weird tucked in position so some of us dont spend so much time with bar on ground
    Would be good to have another go in a couple of months when my memory has faded a bit…

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