Wod 13 October: Snatch time

13 Oct

Well, it was a lesson that could have been fascinating, or boring, depending on your life outlook.

Simply it was, work up to your best snatch, then some sets of snatch balance, overhead squat, high pulls followed by heavy back squats.

Lots of technical improvement, and a refreshing break from the  high intensity of most of our WOD’s. I left the camera on the green box at the front, so I’ll post photos up on Friday.

However, if you hate the Olympic lifts, it could have been an hour of Hell. Well done to JD and James who together “got” sitting into the squat, and going deep.

2 thoughts on “Wod 13 October: Snatch time

  1. The snatch was a real ‘leveler’ watching the girls snatch more than me, sobering to say the least!

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