WOD 14th September. Looks can be deceiving.

14 Oct

Today was all about timing!

We started with some PVC OH Squats after a few dislocations. The rule was though to have a decent of 4 counts and an explosive extension. With the team struggling to know whether to exploed on 4321 or 43210, it got confusing so we moved on to a game of relay. The only catch was that you had to push a 10kg weight from one end of the gym to the other. Its a lot harder then it sounds trust me.

Our main WOD began.

1 Power clean

10 Front Squats (descend 4 a count of 4 and exploded from the bottom)

13 Kb swings

10 Deadlifts (same drill)

13 Hamstring walk outs (with a push up

1 Power clean (+  push press into a back squat)

10 Back squat (+ push press and the slow/exploded drill)

13 Pull ups

This whole drama had to happen twice.

Our End Credits was a relay of max pull ups.

I am sorry for no photos but my camera was sick or the night.

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