WOD 6th October: Relationship advice

06 Oct

Tonight we learned about relationships. Whilst WODs may develop many aspects of fitness, they can also help you in your romantic life.

Lesson 1)
Correct mistakes. WODs are not marriages or CPs. If you start  a WOD with the wrong weight, stop and change it. Don’t struggle on for 21 years  and only then say, “God what a bitch/bastard”: Switch and ditch– that’s what I say!

Lesson 2)
Don’t enter a WOD with the idea of changing the bar. I’m sorry, but the bar wont change. It wants to follow its own path, and no amount of nagging or bullying will make it go anywhere else. Above all, it wont lie for you. You may well get a generous size 8 from M&S , and  “tight” size  8 from Ghost , but 20 kilos will always be 20 kilos.

Lesson 3)
Anything with a girls name is going to be trouble, of course!

Lesson 4)
Cleans, like all relationships, require you to “jump to it”!

Lesson 5)
Dips, like all long term commitments, require you to jump in up to your armpits and then spend the rest of the time trying to drag yourself back up again. Tough. True.

Lesson 6)
Rings, like most people you could end up with, are deeply unstable.

So say ‘hello’ to Elizabeth, WOD and relationship expert!

60kg Squat cleans/ Ring Dips


7 thoughts on “WOD 6th October: Relationship advice

  1. Lesson 7: don’t enter into any relationship when you aren’t ready (ie: when you’re still recovering from that terrible one night stand you had with mr. tabata the night before)….

  2. Following a very disturbing conversation with Andrew about pens and coke cans last night can I suggest that somebody at the gym invests in some soft pointed crayons?

  3. hahahhahhahahhhhhhhhhh…

    Too funny.. I agree that most people are unstable which would make them normal and thus stable… (since most people are) entiendes
    stand up maybe..

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