WOD 7th October: The Chief!

07 Oct

We began again with fun and games, this time adding a little imagination to boot.

Keeping with the hero/soldier crossfit beginning. I asked my team to imagine they are about to be chopper landed into hostile territory with a goal of transferring food bags to starving children…sounds simple but they had to negotiate terrain and of course random gun fire.

Confused…..let me explain.  The terrain was actually boxes and the food sand bags. The gun fire was just a ploy to push out a few squats.

So starting in the stress position (if you used your imagination that was you sitting in the chopper landing!) It was then the task to transfer the sandbags 1 by 1 over the box in a safe lifting fashion. Once all over the box you then had to tackle the box yourself jump/climb. Once on top then came the gun fire or squats….lol 5 in total. There were a series of 3 boxes.

Playing this game for the first time with more then just myself meant for the second class I switched it round a little. Placing team members at either end of the course and doing it in relay style. Making it run much more smoothly. The losers of course had punishment of burpees.

So time for the hard stuff….

The Chief

AMRAP 3 Minute -1 Minute rest x5 cycles

3 Power Cleans

6 Push ups

9 Squats

With time to spare it was time for ab’s Whoop!

25 sit ups while your partner waits......
25 sit ups while your partner waits......
....in the dead animal position!
....in the dead animal position!

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