WOD 8th October: Hump heavy Stuff

10 Oct

Crossfit Total night at Crossfit London UK… with PB’s Galore

Amelia,  Back Squat  87,5, Deadlift, 105, Press 38 ( yes, PB’s in all 3… a bit flash if you ask me)

Amelia warming up to kick ass

Lauri, Deadlift PB 120

Trevor, Deadlift PB 165, Back squat 155

Alex, 120 back squat, 170 deadlift,

Sophia 32.5 press

Kate, at last, 100kg deadlift.

For the ones I missed, post  your results below

6 thoughts on “WOD 8th October: Hump heavy Stuff

  1. I PB’s in my deadlift and back squat as well! (not that I’m one to boast or anything!)
    Deadlift: 90kg
    Back Squat: 65kg (last CF Total was in April – I checked my old phone and my max was 50kg!!! (I had thought it was 60kg) All those Weds and Fris must have really paid off!)
    Unfortunately getting better at Crossfit doesn’t seem to make you any better at life – I just walked into a wall 🙁 Doh!

  2. My press was 38.5…not being picky or anything ; )

    Can’t wait to break the 120kg mark…. slowly but surely one PB at a time!

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