WOD October 19: Pull ups and Neckwear

20 Oct

WOD October 19

Tuesday: Pull ups and neckwear.

Today’s class consisted of a 3 rep max weighted pull ups, followed by a WOD that involved more pull ups, followed by a cash out of wall bags. It always seems less bad on paper than when you actually have to do it..

The standard for pull ups was strict, starting from a dead hang to chin over the bar for three reps. Best of 4 tries. (Please post loads or negative times in the comments.)

Along the way everyone made the interesting discovery:

Pull ups are hard. Especially the last 3-6 inches where your chin actually has to clear the bar.

Shocking. I know.

Selim fighting to maintain the standard
Selim fighting to maintain the standard

While no one felt particularly drained, being able to clear the last few inches on the bar became increasingly hard. Which is why that was the standard. I also had fun making everyone load up weight using kettlebells and bands, prompting references to American rappers no one seems to have heard of.

The WOD was:
3 Rounds for time
20 pull ups
30 Knees to Elbows
40 Tuck Jumps
With a 20 min cut off.

While it was possible to maintain a high power output during the whole WOD, it wasn’t pleasant. On the other hand, taking too much time on any move made the remaining numbers daunting. After the first round, the main issue became grip strength, as most athletes began to lose the ability to hold on to the bar as time went on. In retrospect, my main problem with this WOD was less of a grip strength issue, and more of a “I can’t remember my own name, let alone what rep I’m on.” issue.

This WOD did cause quite a bit of swearing from people who don’t normally swear and dirty looks from the usual suspects (both of which I’m quite proud of.)

The Aftermath
The Aftermath

We also tested the psychological torture of the ever popular wall bag throw as a cash out.

Wall Bags Galore!
Wall Bags Galore!

Arbitrary awards:
“Most Ninja” to Matthew and Cindy for being especially quiet on landing the tuck jumps.
“Rebel with a Cause” to Simon for consistently (and correctly) noting that I do not, in fact, have any spatial awarness when it comes to chalk buckets.

Don't Judge
Don't Judge

“The Mummy.” to Trevor for training despite his hands being torn to shreds.
“Best Neckwear” to Naim for wearing a dumbell low enough to make any rapper proud.

Crossfit Bling
Crossfit Bling

“Movin’ on up” to Rosie for getting her first kipping pull up.
“The Cake is a Lie” to Efe for getting the best time all night and winning a million bonus points. Which are absolutly worthless. (Hence the meme.)

3 thoughts on “WOD October 19: Pull ups and Neckwear

  1. I’m so glad you took that chalk bucket out…after 3 trips and an hour of denying it in our class. It was a sight to behold!

  2. Fisherman’s hands here…

    Anyone know how much additional weight (with respect to bodyweight) a person would need to be able to pull up with two arms in order to do a one armed pull up?

    So if you weigh 80kg, to do a one armed pull up, would you have to be able to do 160kg with two?

    Also Phil you are a beast for 3x 40kg!!

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