The not so great date with Jackie.. WOD 24th Nov

25 Nov

This was a bit of experiment that, frankly, didn’t work.

Jackie is a main page WOD that consists of one fast round of

1000m Row

50 x 20kg barbell Thrusters

30n pull ups.

Its a beautifully crafted experience. Most of our heroes managed a time of between 11 and 16 minutes. However, you will notice the set up issues. At the moment we have just two rowers, which meant we needed to split the class up and send them through the workout two at a time.

On paper it seemed easy, the rest of the group could do, er…… handstand practise,  then duck out to do their turn on the WOD. But this  became very difficult to manage. Those who did the WOD 1st had to confront  handstand practise pretty shagged, while those at the end had an awfully long, uninterrupted handstand session of 45 minutes. Some broke it up with some muscle up practise. Still the room lacked atmosphere, inspite of some very impressive Jacki-esque efforts

Still it brought home to me one of the key aspects of Crossfit london workouts and sessions. We get everybody to do, roughly,  then same thing, at the same time: it creates social excitement.

So, to those who showed on Wednesday, thanks for  wading through this with me. Its not a format Ill use again

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