WOD 16 Nov: Angie On Steroids

16 Nov

I covered for Phil today, get well soon mate. I had an idea to do a workout that I introduced to my colleagues at work. Its a team event but the first class was too small to really make it work. So it was a warm up matrix followed by SDLHP drills. Really concentrating on explosive opening of the hips with a super strong shrug.  We loaded up the bars and pulled from a high hang position to really engage those traps!  After this it was on to Cindy, a 20 minute AMRAP of 5 pullups, 10 pressups and 15 squats.  Well done to both Phil and Jennie both scoring 21 rounds.

The other two classes got to play a different game. Two teams of four with a task of 300 reps of pullups, situps, pressups and jumping squats. Only one team member working at a time, to failure, then rotating through the team until 300 reps accumulated then on to the next movement until all completed.  This is a forty minute grind with some super efforts and all teams were very close.

Finished with a nice “Plank Off” And  big shout out to Brie, for a great Crossfit medal, her first callous tear. That’s pushing it Brie.

3 thoughts on “WOD 16 Nov: Angie On Steroids

  1. first callous tear! was flying high till my friend said ‘you’ll never find a boyfriend with farmer hands’. boooo!

    anyways, really enjoyed the team WOD, simon, uri and kate were great teammates and I finally broke through my pull-up mental block. goodbye, grey band!

  2. If we did the team workout in my office everyone would do as little as possible…

  3. Good work Brie, you just needed that little bit of extra motivation to move on a band. Edd I know what you mean….

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