WOD 13 November: Brutal Burpees

13 Nov

Saturday 13th November 2010

I am back to my regular Saturday slot. I missed you guys!  Mixed it up today.  Started with a nice little warm up ladder and then on to the skills and drills.  This time we did some strength training. We drilled our dead lift and worked up to a 5 rep’ max’ set. This generally sits around 80% of your 1 rep’ max’.  But we are all different. Either way when you finished you should feel as if you never ever want to dead lift again, well maybe after about 5 minutes rest.  So once we got this done it was on to a 10 minute strength WOD. With the same weight you did 3 reps’ on the minute every minute for 10 minutes. I think this was a first for nearly everyone and after about 7 minutes you were beginning to understand why its good to train like this.  Big praise to Sophia for achieving the “oh dear I need to sit down” effort level.

Then on to the WOD. I know you all love burpees so much and thought how can these be even more fun.  Well Brutal Burpees are officially 27.5% more fun.  Its simple its a burpee with an extra press up and finished with a tuck jump. So standing to the floor 2 press ups, squat thrust to standing and a huge knees into your ears tuck jump. Some fantastic effort here just look at all the pictures. Fifty of these beauties for time.  Big respect to Mads who finished in under 6 minutes and to Christian who had to lie down straight after, thats pushing yourself.

We finished with a nice little After Party of 100 sit ups.  Great effort today by everyone.  And yet more praise, to Kirsty for travelling the furthest to get to class today, all the way from Uganda overnight without sleep.  I had no idea the Central line went that far!

Last word, Crimbo Party, tickets are selling fast, get yours soon!

4 thoughts on “WOD 13 November: Brutal Burpees

  1. great crossfit-at-home WOD, this one is. going to try it today (unlikely) or tomorrow.


  2. I agree with Steve … those pictures are great! Good thing I’ve missed this WOD! lol

  3. Lol. What’s worse, 5RM deads, 3×10 deads on limited rest, or Beelzebub’s Burpees?

    The combo makes my eyes bleed…

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