WOD 19 Nov: Clean and Jerk night

19 Nov

Friday afternoon and evenings is olympic lifting night where we focus on technique for most of the session, then allow everyone to have a go at a PB, followed by a 2 to 5 minute high intensity WOD.

Today the  focus was on the split Jerk so we developed everyones understanding by  starting with walking lunges, then moved it  on and up from there.

Simon sets up for a jerk

Our core focus was on 1 squat clean, follwed by a a split jerk, followed by a Jerk balance, which began the process of correcting “straight back legs”,

On these evening we really encourage group coaching and self help, and videoing. Everyone is encouraged to bring their video cameras along and ask mates to film them so they can look at themselves later.

some great group coaching

Some great PB’s. If you fancy, post  your results  below. We caught Tom on video smacking this baby up


We followed this by a quick high intensity of  (1st class) heavy kettlebell swing, box jump 21.15,9, and second class  21, 15, 9 kettlebell swing jumping lunge.

Well done all.

See you  at next Fridays lifting session.

4 thoughts on “WOD 19 Nov: Clean and Jerk night

  1. Got a 70kg PR in the Clean and Jerk and an 80kg PR in the Squat Clean. Jerk Balances were tough but good for getting the landing position drilled into your head.

    Strong work from Tom!

  2. Got same as Si had done a 80kg clean before but hadn’t got into the squat so well pleased didn’t attempt the jerk as my puny arms/shoulders require a bit more work good work everyone, Tom your a brute 🙂 Special shout out to Efe for busting me into the ground while wearing his pyjamas, what a guy!

  3. This is very addictive!
    Some good commentary on the videos and great postive atmosphere to go for your PRs in

  4. I’ll need to be borrowing that helmet of yours next time we do Clean + Jerks Trev!

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