WOD 27 November: Freddy C

28 Nov

Saturday 27th November 2010

Wow two full classes today with people on the waiting list!  I was feeling really good about this, its a kind of confirmation that I must be doing something right. Todays WOD is borrowed form “Freddy C” a very big name in the world of Crossfit.  I really enjoy his blog as he is in the same line of work and of a similar age we share many of the same view points and frustrations.  He often programs WODS with a push pull theme and todays was no exception.

So we started of with a warm up of small movements progressing into larger movements then on to some swimming, observing correct lane discipline.  Finishing with some silly races, Brie you are still the benchmark for bum racing.

Skillz and Drillz

Once warmed up on to the Front Squat. Working up to a ten minute ladder with about 50% of your one rep’ max’. Just wanted you to concentrate on keeping your form as you became more and more tired.  Ladders are fantastic.  Nice gentle progression towards some really hard hitting met con.


Its all about counting the reps done a bit like fight gone bad.

3 minutes of shoulder press 30kg

1 minute rest

3 minutes strict pullups

1 minute rest

3 minutes of push press 40kg

1 minute rest

3 minutes kipping pullups

1 minute rest

3 minutes of push jerk 50kg

There was some great gurning going on here during the push jerk, anyone scoring over 120 was working fantastically hard.

Short and sweet today as I am off to celebrate my sisters wedding.

4 thoughts on “WOD 27 November: Freddy C

  1. Great workout, Colin – It was a pleasure to visit CF London. I will be sporting a fancy T-shirt commemorating the experience back at my box in Washington tomorrow. -Cassie Grassia (Joe’s wife).

  2. My pleasure Cassie, great to meet you and I will upload some photos later tonight, so check back.

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