WOD 5 November: Friday night…an (up)lifting experience

05 Nov

I know we keep on mucking about with stuff, but it’s because we care.

Imagine us at Crossfit london as being a cross between your mum and a well intentioned school teacher: either lunging at you with a hanky to give you a public spit bath, or designing homework for you to do when you had plans to go out.

The grand plan (well this month’s grand plan…) is to use the Friday lunchtime and evening classes to focus on the olympic lifts, while leaving time for a quick 3 to 8 minute WOD at the end (meaning it will be truly awful…for example, we kicked off with a bottom to bottom Tabata set yesterday, and I think I saw blood seep out of several peoples quads).

We got to focus on the clean on Friday with great stress being placed on being explosive and keeping torso integrity.  Some rapidly improved lifts are on the cards



3 thoughts on “WOD 5 November: Friday night…an (up)lifting experience

  1. Thanks Trevster! I still need to work on getting under the bar quicker. i’m managing to get it quite high before I drop under, it’s almost at power clean height. If could speed up then I could definately go heavier.

    It actually really helps to see the video for spotting these kind of things.

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