New class booking feature: Wait Lists

03 Nov

You may have noticed that is getting a little harder to book into classes recently. More members than ever (yay!) and limited space means classes across the board are getting booked up very quickly.

Andrew and I are still on the hunt for a new space to ease the pressure. We have also added in new morning sessions on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s which will help to ease the strain as well.

In the meantime, I have switched on the ‘Wait List’ feature of the booking system.

When someone tries to book in to an already full class they will now be presented with the option to either look for another time or add themselves to the waiting list for that class (see above).

If, after adding themselves to the waiting list, a space comes free at least 90mins before the start of the class, they will be automatically added the class list and emailed accordingly. In theory.

In order to work properly, this system relies entirely on those who are not able to attend cancelling their reservations as early as possible to give other folks a chance. I have noticed that more people are doing this, and I sincerely thank you!

As a reminder, you can cancel your session up to 60mins before the start of the class without ‘losing’ that session from your membership or carnet.

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