Practice makes….permanent

16 Nov

The great thing about Crossfitters is that you practise all the time. Some  of us never know where the WOD stops and real life begins.

The fun thing is watching people snatch, especially when – to be polite – they screw up every attempt. And you know, I understand those “looks ” you throw out at us trainers! Come on , you know, the ….

“Ive been snatching all of 3 minutes now, how come Im not snatching like a champion” Ive been coming 3 times a week, and in the last month I’ve snatched at least 3 time: Good God! thats over 22 minutes of accumulated practise: why  arent I perfect??? “

We have all done it.

The only problem is that you are wrong! I know I should not argue with clients, but, you have had way more snatch practise. ~You have been practising your snatch form every day at your desk.

5 days a week for 8 hours a day you practice

You focus on form, slouching over your computer

practising the perfect snatch Back, emphasising Big chest and shoulders back: the regime? 1 x 8 sets of 1 hour daily

followed by 3 sets of 4 hours of knee weakening: guaranteed to get your knees flapping around like pants on a washing line in the wind by….. letting them flop wherever they like. Great preparation for receiving a big load overhead. I think its  called reverse psychology

let your knees "hangout", man!

above all, feel free to stand with your feet in any angle that you feel suits the moment, L shapes, crossed, anything that will be  crap under a load

make sure, that for over 9 hours a day, your knees don't line up with your feet. Bound to help my squat form under pressure

so boys and girls, lets start practising properly for 8 hours a day, control you knees, pull your shoulders back, get a nice back, control your knees, and  get better.

Practice does not make perfect, its makes permanent:

7 thoughts on “Practice makes….permanent

  1. Great post Andrew, I agree.

    I stumbled across something the other day that talked about how it is more important to be an athlete the other 23 hours of the day through correct nutrition, rest/sleep, mobility drills etc.

    Due to my frame I often find myself slouching with bad posture, but i’m making a big effort to rectify it if ever I catch myself sitting or standing badly.

  2. Since my olly lifting sesh I’ve been much more focussed on my shoulders and lumbar curve in my day to day. After an injury break my snatch form improved noticeably without any other input/oractice – just an awareness of form on the day to day stuff. So big street style respect to Andrew on this one for sure … it’s spot on

  3. In fact – and sorry to bang on about this – you can see my improved snatch form on sally’s 15th Nov post – there’s a video attached …. previously my shoulders woulda slouched and my lumbar would have disappeared just before I extend my hips and shrug my shoulders.

  4. i tell you one thing. today is becoming the “worst ever” work out. My hip joint, on the side where my knee collapses in the maximal snatch, is aching like mad. Its never been forced to be in the right position before. Ive notice also, that when i get up i leave my poor side foot down and swivel on it ( rotating into an L shape).

    Bugger. Time to pay attention.

    Problem is that its not a s flash as visiting a physiotherapist 3 times a week…….

    Glad phil mentioned video” because we are turning the friday olympic lifting nights into ‘movie night”. Bring your video camera along and let your partner video your form for you to view ( we wont make you post it on the site)…I’ll do a proper article about this and post it up asap

    Damn, just noticed my shoulders slouching…..

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