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23 Nov

A message from the Crossfit London UK Running team captain. Efe, who delivered a blinding session last night at Crossfit London: get yourself a  place on next weeks class as soon  as possible

Dear Running Dudes and Dudettes,

Thanks for coming along to yesterdays meet!

THE RECAP: there are 3 main ideas to remember:

1) Gravity is your friend
2) Movement is balance being destroyed (think broomstick )
3) Posture is the key!

The Figure 4... heel lifts straight up towards your bum, hip and knee flexes, foot stays relaxed.. lift and drop

And to give you guys a sense of what it should feel like we covered three drills. Your legs should be nice and soft at the knees for all of these ( not the dreaded straight leg!)

1) Ball of foot hops. Nice straight back, head up, arms relaxed and close to the body. Hop on the ball of the foot allowing it to roll to your heel ( relaxed and happy feet) . THEN LEAN! Destroy balance then recover.

lean, don't push to move forward

2) Single leg pulls. PULL,  dont drive ,off the ground, knee should rise only a little, imagine your legs forming a nice figure 4. Alternate legs

single leg pulls

3) Wall drill and then run: Set up with your posture, figure 4 leg pull etc against a wall. Lean at the ankles and NOT at the waist. Once you’ve got a nice rythem going run away from the wall for 20-30 metres.

Finally remember that you need at least a 180 / min cadence to take advantage of ground reaction. You can grab a metronome from amazon or use one of the metronome apps on the iphone or oher smart phones.

THE HOMEWORK: 3x 10 ball of foot hops, 3×10 each leg pulls , 3x wall drill

and the poor weather is no excuse.. do them in  your hallway if need be


THE QUESTION: Which would be more convenient for you:

a) Regents Park running track (10 min jog from St Johns Wood tube, see map: its free )

b) Battersea Park Millenium Arena (,17291,26473,27690,27698,27744,27746&xhr=t&cp=17&safe=off&wrapid=tljp1290505095658022&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=battersea%20park%20millenium%20arena&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=park%20millenium%20arena&hnear=Battersea,%20Greater%20London&cid=3321979602830183648 )
10 minutes bus ride from Sloane Square , £3.20

Thanks again, and look forward to seeing you next week ( arch 11, 6.30 to 7.30) and please let me know if you have any questions! ( Pop them in comments below)

efe ( Yucemen)

6 thoughts on “Running Stuff……

  1. Good work fella I think Regents park would be better for Helen & I, you also have the added bonus of Primrose hill nearby for hill sprints ect

  2. Regents park please! Sorry to have missed this session, it looks like a lot of fun! Will give the drills a whirl this weekend

  3. Thanks for the feedback Trev!

    By the way, yesterday I made a comment that Usain Bolt doesnt swing his arms, I must have still been reeling from Sally’s gruesome workout, as he can be clearly seen swinging them here on his world record breaking 100m sprint.

    Sprinting may involve some swining of the arms, but what we are trying to work on is long distance technique.

    apologies !

  4. That article is right…his technique isn’t even refined and he slowed down at the end to celebrate…yet he still broke a world record, he’s scary.

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