WOD 12 November: Snatch, and a visit to Push Up hell

12 Nov

Friday night is olympic lifting night, switching between the clean, and the snatch.

Tonights move, the snatch, always seems to be the more unpopular move, as the slightest error in positioning, converts a beautiful pose into a drunken sprawl: guys with impressive dead-lifts and back squats  battle to hold a 20kilo bar in the receiving position ( thats, “over your head”). The balance, coordination, flexibility, accuracy  and agility components of the olympic lifts rapidly expose the myths that strength is all you need.

The fitness we at Crossfit London  UK want you to develop, demands you combine technical skill with strength. The olympic lifts are a real challenge that is frequently ducked by what we call “strength weaklings”, or those massive inflexible oafs who hide in the unskilled  corners of  big gyms humping heavy weight until their lack of form sends them to the osteopath with a dose of  “bad back:. At Crossfit london, our “big guys” check their egos in at the door and knuckle down and  struggle with the olympic lifts: its whats makes them Crossfitters.

Any way,  today,  we ran through the techniques, then snatched 15 “ish” times, we followed this by 3 x 3 snatch balance, then  3 x 2 snatch high pulls, the 2 x 5 snatch deadlifts… then to satisfy our WOD  junkies we introduced the

“Suck it up bitch” Push-up Pleasure Promenade

A simple  combination, 30 seconds of  as many Push-ups as you can, followed by 30 seconds of rest in the extended,active  ( plank?) position x 4: so  a maximum of 4 minutes exercise. . Its really fun… ask them

The "suck it up bitch" push up pleasure promenade

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