Sundays Adult Gymnastic class…..14th Nov “Back Tuck”

15 Nov
Gymnastics: November 14th: Back Tuck Drills
The focus of todayís intermediate session was drills for developing technique and conditioning for the back tuck (more commonly known as the back flip).  The nice thing about the Sunday gymnastics classes is that Amelia builds up to scary things slowly.  So before that we warmed up with many cruel and unusual variations of the bear crawl with some handstands, cartwheels and round-offs thrown in to acclimate us to being upside-down.
The back tuck is basically a very high tuck jump combined with an aggressive knees-to-elbows.  The three drills that Amelia had us do were tuck jumps, knees-to-elbows, and a kind of backward roll that helps to practice the timing without of being off the ground.  The class ended with the more experienced students attempting some back tucks (with spotters and soft, cushy mats).  After breaking the back tuck into easily practiced pieces, that hardest thing is not putting the pieces together, but putting them together while struggling with the panic and adrenaline that comes with throwing yourself backwards in to the air.  Definitely a work in progress, but how else would you want to spend your Sundays?

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  1. In reality its was me that was terrified when trying to do the backtuck. Tom and Daniel are on their way to getting it unassisted.

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