Super heroes welcome

16 Nov

Jeff pops along to the tuesday evening classes if he is in the country… here  is an interesting Crossfit Story


I put my CF training to work the other night.  Came home at midnight and realized I locked myself out of my flat – my greatest fear the last two years as I live alone.  Long story short, I obtained a tow rope from a bouncer at a local bar, lasooed the metal grate around my window, and climbed up about 15-20 feet.  [Photo attached]

I was pumped once I got in – although I ripped my suit – but not more than 5 minutes later there were 3 flashing cop cars out my window.  My neighbor reported:  “A man dressed in a superhero costume is scaling the building and just climbed in a window”.  I explained the situation and the officers were laughing.  They couldn’t believe I climbed up and in.

Anyways, another story for your CF pitch to newbies – functional movements/training that turn you into a superhero when you need it most.”

It warms the heart!!

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