WOD 20 Nov: The Craic Is 90!

20 Nov

In my mind Thrusters are horrible. They fill so many people with dread. It has to be the worse part of Fran. They produce a leg wobbling, eye popping, feeling of hypoxia.  So what do you do to crush that fear. You expose yourself to it.  We separated the components, deep front squat with a hip popping push press in our warm up.  Then progressed this into the Skillz and Drillz session with some drills to think about using those hip flexors and being mindful of keeping our elbows high.

Then on to the WOD

3 Rounds for time of:

30 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

30 Thrusters

30 Pressups

Thats 90 reps each! This was going to be hard, very hard, and ergo very good.

The suggested weights were 30kg/20kg but scaling options given as always.  Anyone getting this done in under 20 minutes worked very hard.  Welcome back Naim and a big welcome to Adrienne new to the Black Board Gym.

On a personal note a friend is planning a mad trip around the world in 2012.  Its all to raise lots of money for some very worthy charities. 100,000 miles in one year on a motorbike. He is going to need a big support network around the world. Places to stay, mechanical, media coverage etc… If you can or know some who can bring something to the party please get in touch at http://www.teapotone.com/site/

Thank you

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  1. um, i think that picture might be the work of the devil. note to self: channel tyra banks doing crossfit when colin approaches with the camera!!

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