The Fish Oil Club

10 Nov

Hi all,

a quick offer for Crossfit London UK members only.

We get asked a lot about  Fish Oils. Apparently the best source is  (click on it to get more information)

PurePharma Omega-3

We don’t mind using our trade status to get our members benefits. If there is any real demand, we will consolidate and process an order which means you could get a bottle  of ultra pure omega 3 fish oil for £20 ( rather than £27).

Each bottle  has 120 capsules.

According to the label, the chemical break down, per 3 capsules, is

2600mg fish oil, consisting of

1950mg  omega 3

1300mg EPA

520mg DHA.

We think, however, that most people would probably need 4 capsules a day, but you should follow the Sears recommendations.

If you want to order, please  add your names to comments below with the amount of bottles you want. ( You can get 1 or 10…do we care if you want to hoard?).

Shall we say  all orders in by  next Tuesday 10pm?

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