WOD 17 Nov: Tonight, I’ll channel your mother…….

17 Nov

There I was planning tonights Crossfit London training sessions, when the spirit of mothers everywhere popped into my soul.

In a fluffy cloud of angelic loveliness, i heard those reassuring words often whispered to young men by their mothers

if you don’t pick all this shit up from your bedroom floor, I’ll dance at your 16th birthday party”.….aaaggghhh,

So for the rest of the evening, that was the theme, if its lying on the floor pick it up… if you find  a kettlebell ,  get it up off the floor, in a turkish manner, if its a barbell resting on the floor, pick it up, and if you come across yourself lying around,  making the place look untidy, well you can push that up off the floor too.

get your bedroom tidy now.......

or, max turkish get ups, followed by 20 minutes of the infamous “Bullfrog Burp”  20 minutes on the clock: 1 deadlift, 1 push up, then 2, deadlifts, 2 push ups,  etc, then, see how high you can go.

Visiting crossfitter Natalie.... great socks.

It was great to see Stefan back, nice to meet visiting Natalie ( from somewhere in America) and super to meet Adrianne for her 1st “full on” Crossfit session after her beginners course.
Local hero trevor smacked up 85kg so many times, i lost count: awesome! Sorry for the blurry photo Trev!

trevor deadlifts so fast he blurs

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