Tube Strike and Big Freeze

28 Nov

Hi all. A couple of quick notes for your attention:

There is another tube strike on Monday which will hamper efforts getting across London. Please let us know if you can’t make your sessions, or feel free to early cancel them on the system.

Secondly, because some of the water mains in Gales Gardens run overground, the pipes in the gym have frozen (again). We seem to have enough reserve water to flush loos, but not for the showers. So, if you need to shower, you will need to make alternative arrangements.


One thought on “Tube Strike and Big Freeze

  1. 3pm sunday. just checked the gym and the water is back on….suspect am sessions could be a bit vulnerable over the very cold times.

    chatted to chris who is running this mondays lessons. they will definitely be going ahead… he will walk in and sleep overnight if need be.

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