WOD 11 November: Pull, Pull, Skip

11 Nov

Today I threw two bouts of pulling strength movements at my early risers. Perhaps this is a bit of an ask but they all came out smiling in the end.

A dynamic warm up work preceeded the pulls – a couple lengths of the gym doing lots of Morecombe and Wise-esque/Ministry of Silly Walks type movements to warm up those cold muscles and joints (much needed for such a miserable day). The strength component looked like this:

Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3

Weighted Pull Ups 5-5-5

OR Weighted Negative Pull Ups 5-5-5

OR Negative Pull Ups 5-5-5-5-5

And then some skill/finisher work of 50 double unders.

Well done to Nadia for hitting a new PR for 3 reps with 60kg on the deadlift. Woo hoo! Go team! High fives!

Nice work Trevor on the weighted pull ups – and the coaching! Grant will forever be in your debt for giving him those loud words of encouragement to finish off that rep: “Ccccc’mmmooooonnnnnn!”

And Grant – good work on the skipping. Simple, steady progresson is the way to go, well that and lots of practice! We know what to get you for Christmas now anyway.

One thought on “WOD 11 November: Pull, Pull, Skip

  1. Great atmosphere this morning with everyone giving it their all, I’m still in bits after those deadlifts not sure whats worse 3s 5s or singles…. Good work Chris

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