WOD 11th Optimal ‘G’ Realisation

11 Nov

Today was a mash up of overhead squats against the wall. 5×3 getting progressively closer to the wall each 5 reps. Tougher then it sounds.

Then taking optimal overhead squat position (free standing) we then did 5×3 only catch was that we had to make the grip narrower each 5 reps. Tough. Depth was compromised for upper body position and control.

The next 15 were in the words of Trev “the worse exercise he has ever done at Crossfit!”

They were what I call overhead squat squeezes. Starting with a narrow pvc grip overhead the task was to desend into a squat, then pausing and pressing the bar behind your back, squeezing the shoulder blades together. While maintaining the squeeze extend the bar overhead. For some this was a hard task and meant that we just took out the squat and worded the squeeze.

Moving forward we set up for 1×5 warm up of overheads moving swiftly into 5,3’s. Some impressive technique all round. Lovely!

Kian Whoop
Kian Whoop

The WOD was meant to only be 100 pull ups for time, but me being in such a good mood decided that a bout of Angie was required and to boot I went head to head with Trev and Phil. Whoop Whoop.

Yuri love push ups after 100 pull ups !
Yuri love push ups after 100 pull ups !

Congrats to Phil who showed us the scan of his unborn bubba. Well Done

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