WOD 14 November: Rows, Squats, Pull ups oh my…

14 Nov

WOD: November 14: Rows, squats, pull ups oh my. .. (doesn’t quite have that same ring to it.)

Today’s workout started with some basic static hangs but quickly degenerated into Sumo Deadlift High Pull and 500 Meter rows. The Sumo Deadlift High Pull is a similar movement pattern to rowing, so what would be more fun than cleaning up our rowing form and then doing a 500 M row test?

Everyone improved their control on the rings and their Sumo Deadlift High pull. Then it was on to the rower for a quick test of form and 500 Meters rows. After assuring everyone that “No really, it’s not that bad.”, I was pleased to note that no one believed me (they have learned well) but I still had two “Volunteers”.

The WOD for today was easy:
14-12-10-8-6 Pull ups and Dips
6-8-10-12-14 Front Squats
10-8-6-4-2 muscle ups.

When I did this WOD, I started off with the muscle ups, and but then I had to scale down to strict pull ups and dips. No one was silly  enough to try with muscle ups, which obviously proves that everyone thinks clearer than me, even though it’s early on a Sunday morning.

Arbitrary Awards:

“I know better.” To Mark, who knows my classes well enough to know that anything I follow up with “It won’t hurt a bit” is going to be bad.. and set a good 1:44 time on his 500 meter row.

“I should have known better.” To Colm, who now knows better. And set a very impressive 1:32 time on his 500 meter row. Well Done.

“DJ of the week.” To Joy, for being brave enough to play her music all day, even though we spent our time trashing it.

“Lady of the Rings” To Erin, for demonstrating good control on the rings, without having to go all the way to Mordor.

“Trail Blazers” To Stephanie, for finishing the wod first and being spitfire whenever I even glanced at her. Good girl.

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  1. i love watching the stephanie/phil love/hate dynamic. or should i say hate/hate? ha ha ha

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